Curtains & Accessories

Whatever your preference, heavy drapes or soft sheers that billow in the breeze, curtains can be used to frame a window, layer a room or add warmth, movement and texture.

Built In Cupboards

In your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, one very practical and space-saving solution is installing built in cupboards which create a balanced space and a warm home. view more


From timber venetians to translucent roller blinds & romans, the enduring beauty of blinds is their ability to control light – and disappear when required. 


Often the importance of a well designed headboard is overlooked in the design of the bedroom, add that personal finishing touch.


No matter how or where you use them, you'll find that ottamans are extremely handy when guests are around. Use them to fill out an existing seating area, or create a new one within a room.


There are many reasons for reupholstering a sofa or chair, and everybody has their own motivations for choosing the furniture reupholstery option over the purchase of new items.

Dining Chairs

Stop searching for the perfect furniture and design your very own based on your own personality, style and passions and style your home the way you want it.


Flooring may appear the least important to you  yet it is pretty high up on an interior designer’s priority list because of its functionality and centrality in designing your home.